W czwartek 12 października, trzynastu uczniów naszego Gimnazjum miało okazję uczestniczyć w wycieczce do wrocławskiego Centrum Kultury. Uczniowie zebrali się o godzinie 8:00 by zdążyć na spektakl anglojęzyczny pod tytułem "Fahrenheit 451". Sztuka została zaprezentowana przez English Theatre w oparciu o książkę Raya Bradbury'ego z roku 1953, o tym samym tytule. Na scenie, aktorzy ukazali dzieciom świat przyszłości, w którym zakazane zostało wszelkie słowo pisane. Uczniowie mieli okazję zobaczyć jak według Bradbury'ego wyglądałby nasz świat bez literatury oraz jak dużą siłę manipulacji posiadają massmedia.



Oto jedna z relacji uczestniczących osób:

The spectacle titled 'Fahrenheit 451' tells the story of the world in which intellectual values have fallen and have passed into oblivion. The world that is destroyed by the crisis of values and the collapse of culture. The world where lie takes over. The empty world, where nothing is everything. If you are looking for something different, something specific, and something quite strange, you've come to the right place.

'Fahrenheit 451' guarantees the feeling of loosing your mind. The viewer starts to feel overwhelmed but anyways, this condition could just reverse itself in time. It's all about the books. They are banned and being burned and destroyed by watchmen. One of the main reasons of that is the fact that intellectual level of people falls. People are only sitting in front of TV sets being pressed for time to conversation, friendship, love... 

Guy Montag is a fireman whose job is to start fires. It is really simple. Books are for burning. Along with the houses in which they are hidden. Montag enjoys his job. He has been a fireman for ten years, and he has never questioned the pleasure of the midnight runs nor the joy of watching pages consumed by flames... never questioned anything until he meets a seventeen-year-old girl who tells him of the past when people were not afraid. Then he meets a professor who told him about the  times in which people could think... and Guy Montag suddenly realises what he has to do - steal a book and read it. From that moment his life changes forever...The motif of burning books is a symbol of destroying values like freedom or independence and the collapse of culture in general. The art refers to Nazism.

In short, the actors have shown us the dystopian vision of dictatorship that eliminates all types of manifestations of independence and striving for full control over the inhabitants who are also getting more up-to-date.

In our opinion the music in the spectacle was average and monotonous. We liked the lighting but sometimes it was too strong. We also think that acting was very good. Our favourite characters were Clarissa and Montag's wife. The two were hilarious and just incredible. Clarissa changed Montag's life and that is worth appreciating. His wife was difficult to dislike. She was such a funny person. Despite the pretty poor costumes, the spectacle is worth seeing.

We would recommend it because the story is different and original. Definitely, you won't be bored. 'Fahrenheit 451' is interesting for the viewer.

Emila Bazylińska, Wiktoria Jazienicka, Michalina Mazur, Weronika Maćczak 3E